Top 3 Japanese Sunscreen Must Haves this Summer!

Summer is the season when your SPF game needs to be at 100% if for some reason it's not already. With UV rays at their absolute high, it's our responsibility to ensure our skin looks its absolute best without the sun damage.

"Did you know 90%+ of skin aging is caused by the sun?"

Now if that hasn't scared you into using SPF every single day of the year then I don't know what else to tell you. The main secret to supple, bouncy, youthful skin late into life is using SPF as your day cream every single day as soon as possible!

"What SPF day cream should I use?"

With so many on the market, finding the right SPF day cream for you can feel overwhelming. Of course, we have an abundance of knowledge in Japanese sunscreen options and are happy to share that knowledge with you all!

Introducing Japanese sunscreen products you need to try!

Why Japanese sunscreen? Glad you asked! Japanese society has been using sunscreen in their daily routines much longer than western society. As a country that values glowing youthful skin, it's no wonder their skin is always radiant.

Japanese sunscreens have been perfected to be adopted easily into any skincare routine. Catering to deliver the perfect balance of moisture, hydration, makeup priming and of course protection for every skin type.

Top 3 Japanese sunscreen products

top 3 japanese sunscreens must haves japanese skincare products store bare japan

#1 Makoto Kamata UV Color Base SPF 50+ PA+++

top 3 japanese sunscreens must haves japanese skincare products store bare japan

This Japanese sunscreen was designed by a Japanese makeup academy with years of skin analysis data behind it.

Formulated to be the ultimate daily SPF for face, this Japanese sunscreen has a lightweight, milky, pore smoothing texture that hydrated and lightly moisturizes skin.

Designed with makeup application in mind, this sunscreen is optimal for all skin types that wear foundation products daily.

With this being an ideal no white cast spf, it's no wonder this sunscreen made it to our top 3 must have list!

#2 Comoace UV Cream with Silk Extract SPF 50+ PA++++

top 3 japanese sunscreens must haves japanese skincare products store bare japan

This natural sunscreen for face is formulated with 100% physical filters to be ideal for those with even the most sensitive of skin types. Its unique watery texture provides the perfect balance between hydration and moisture to leave an even veil of protection over the skin.

With anti-aging in mind, this natural SPF contains functional skincare ingredients to treat skin concerns while staying protected.

Ingredients such as Sericin(silk protein) offer 18 types of amino acids to create strong, healthy skin cells.

Licorice extract to fight against dark spots caused by UV exposure.

Chamomile, soybeans and scutellaria biancalensis reduce inflammation in the skin while adding essential nutrition.

It's no wonder this physical spf for face made our top 3 list.

#3 Ruhaku Gettou UV Body Veil SPF50+ PA++++

top 3 japanese sunscreens must haves japanese skincare products store bare japan

This SPF for sensitive skin makes our top list due to its lightweight, milky, moisturizing, skin calming formula.

Developed in Okinawa Japan, this lightweight sunscreen is made with 100% natural and 15% organic ingredients with 100% physical filters. Designed with your skin and the environment in mind, it's silicon-free and does not harm the marine ecosystem.

Utilizing anti-aging, calming skincare ingredients such as aloe vera, edelweiss flower extract, European raspberry seed oil, ginseng flower extract, mallow flower extract, camellia oil, rose oil, eucalyptus oil and mate tea and green tea extracts.

An ideal spf for sensitive skin types that seek natural organic ingredients.

Have you tried Japanese sunscreen products before? If not, here is your sign to start today! You won't be disappointed!

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