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RUHAKU Gettou UV (organic sunscreen for face and body SPF50 + PA ++++)

$61.90 SGD

RUHAKU is the first organic skincare cosmetics brand from the Japanese island of Okinawa to receive Ecocert Green Life certification.

Gettou UV body veil consists of 100% natural ingredients, of which 15% are organic. 

SPF50 + PA ++++ reliably protects the skin during outdoor activities, suitable for the face and entire body, delicate composition guarantees the safety of use for babies from 6 months. It has waterproof properties. 

It does not contain UV absorbing components, therefore it is safe for sensitive skin, the environment and does not harm the marine ecosystem.

The carefully developed silicone-free cream formula does not leave white marks and heaviness on the skin. 

Contains many natural skin-care extracts: 

Aloe extract retains moisture in the layers of the epidermis, soothes inflammation and burns.

The extract of the ghetto plant ( alpinia cerumbet) , also known as a flower of longevity, has high antioxidant properties and contains 30 times more polyphenols than red wine, helping to combat age-related manifestations on the skin. 

Extracts of mate tea and green tea heal damaged areas of the epidermis, prevent skin ageing, fight against dark spots and darkening of the skin. 

Also contains edelweiss flower extract, European raspberry seed oil, ginseng flower extract, mallow flower extract, camellia oil, rose and eucalyptus oil to maintain a healthy balance and firmness of your skin. 

The composition does not use chemicals, alcohol, parabens, surfactants, emulsifiers, synthetic dyes and flavorings.

Volume: 60g

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