Top 4 Best Skincare for Adult Acne Straight from Japan

Adult acne is not fun, with more adults suffering from acne than you may think, it is common to search for ways to manage and prevent the occurrence of adult acne on your skin.

Thankfully, there are many products on the Japanese market that are formulated to have adult acne in mind.

The first step in treating acne with the best skincare for adult acne is to understand your skin better.

Why do I have adult acne?

Many causes can trigger acne breakouts in adults.

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Improper skincare
  • Lack of skincare
  • Allergies
  • Fungus & Bacteria

  • Understanding the type of acne you have is the starting point before you can choose the best skincare for your adult acne situation.

    1. Diet

    What you eat can affect more than your weight. Diet plays a major role in acne, skin, hair, nails and much more. If you have diet allergies or food sensitivities such as dairy & gluten, avoiding these foods can prevent acne breakouts.

    Diets high in unhealthy fats, carbs, sugars and salt can also cause acne. As your body tries to flush out excess toxins, these can appear on the skin in the form of acne. Of course, switching to a healthier diet can improve your skin.

    2. Stress

    When we are stressed, our body produces more of the stress hormone known as cortisol. This hormone has negative effects on our bodies. One of these is, of course, acne breakouts. If you are breaking out more and notice you feel stress in day-to-day life, try to manage your stress levels.

    This can be done by identifying what is causing stress and finding ways to lessen that stressor. Aside from managing what is causing you to stress, a healthy diet high in minerals, greens, vitamins, and protein can help reduce cortisol levels.

    Physical activity helps to reduce cortisol as well. Take up activities such as jogging, running, cycling, swimming, or even sports to help reduce stress levels.

    3. Improper skincare

    If you're using skincare products that don't work for your skin, they can cause anywhere from irritation, weakened skin barrier and even clogged pores.

    This can happen if you're exfoliating too much either with physical exfoliation or chemically exfoliation. Reduce your frequency of these methods to see improvement.

    If you do not exfoliate, you may need to start to help clear away dead skin cells, dirt and oil build up causing adult acne.

    Using products that are either too light or too heavy for your skin can have the same effect. Find balance in oil and water-based products to avoid having a weak skin barrier or an overly moisturized barrier that could lead to clogged pores.

    4. Lack of skincare

    If you have little to no skincare routine, this can also be causing adult acne. For example, if you wear makeup, and use makeup wipes to cleanse or simply a foam cleanser, this is not enough to correctly remove makeup. This can lead to acne due to clogged pores. 

    5. Allergies

    Allergies can be from diet, environment and even skincare products. If you have any food sensitivities, avoid those foods. 

    You may have allergies to pets and pollution in the air. Use an air purifier in your home to reduce allergens. 

    You may also be allergic to your laundry soap. Try switching to laundry soaps without fragrance or strong softeners for your bedding and pillowcases. 

    Additionally, you could have an allergy to certain ingredients in skincare. These are commonly more present in natural-based ingredients such as flower extracts and large amounts of essential oils.

    6. Fungus & Bacteria

    These are very common with adult acne. Fungus can develop on the skin from many causes. Using none fresh face cloths, face towels and dirty pillowcases. Additionally, simply touching and scratching your skin with uncleaned hands can lead to fungul acne.

    Fungal acne can be treated by avoiding these things and by using products with anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, and natural antiseptic properties to kill off fungus and bacteria.

    So what can I use to help my adult acne?

    Top 4 Best Skincare for Adult Acne

    Ruhaku Gettou Reset Cleansing Oil

    Top 4 Best Skincare for Adult Acne straight from Japan

    Using a cleansing oil to cleanse away makeup, dirt, oil, and SPF at the end of the day is one of the best skincare for adult acne recovery.

    Cleansing oils work to attract oil and debris into the cleansing oil itself. It breaks down makeup and SPF while lifting dirt and debris from within the pores to the surface of the skin. This makes it easy to wash away everything, avoiding clogged pores.

    This Japanese cleansing oil is amazing for taking care of all these steps.

    White Ichigo Vitamin C Serum

    Top 4 Best Skincare for Adult Acne straight from Japan

    This Vitamin C Serum works to fight against acne while gently exfoliating away dead skin cells while working to brighten dull lacklustre skin.

    This vitamin c serum for acne contains anti-bacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial & antiseptic ingredients such as Birch, Lavendar and Thym that fight against all forms of adult acne while keeping the skin bright and glowing!

    Hyakkaso Hyaluronic Acid Serum

    Top 4 Best Skincare for Adult Acne straight from Japan

    This hyaluronic acid serum from Japan is the ideal blend of hydration and moisture for the skin.

    Containing anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe vera and mugwort extract, this Japanese serum helps to maintain a healthy skin balance while calming down inflammation in acne pimples, allowing the skin to heal and recover.

    Hijiriko Cream

    Top 4 Best Skincare for Adult Acne straight from Japan

    This Japanese cream is formulated with Volcanic ash from Mt. Fuji. Offering natural antibacterial effects to the skin.

    It not only fights against adult acne, it also provides the perfect ideal amount of hydration and moisture to the skin. Creating an optimal skin environment to fight against acne for healthy glowing skin.

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