3 Miracle Dark spots removal methods that work! Japanese skincare products for clear skin fast!

We have all been there at some point in our lives, whether we like to admit it or not. Or perhaps, you are there right now, looking for a way to get control of your skin. Don't fret!

We are sharing with you our top favorite tried and tested dark spots removal methods using Japanese skincare products to get you on track to flawless clear skin fast!

The 3 best dark spots removal methods to try

1 - Stopping it at the source!

This may not be the miracle answer you're looking for, but dark spots always have a source. Most commonly associated with trauma to the skin, such as picking & popping pimples, sun damage from unprotected UV exposure, melasma and hormone imbalances.

Find the source that you believe is causing your dark spots to form and manage the situation.

  • Pick pimples less or get them professionally extracted
  • wear SPF every single day to prevent more sun damage
  • Talk to your OBGYN about potential hormonal imbalances.

2 - Start a dark spots removal treatment!

Now time for the miracle to happen! When picking your dark spots removal method, the easiest way to start is knowing the ingredients you need to start using ASAP in your routine. The skincare ingredients that fight against dark spots and help to get rid of them are:

  • Vitamin C

An antioxidant for the skin that stimulates cell turnover, aiding in the skin's natural exfoliation process and fighting against hyperpigmentation dark spots. A great solution to lessen the severity of dark spots on skin.

  • AHA/Glycolic Acid

A chemical exfoliant that fast tracks cell turnover rate. These can be intensive or gentle treatments as a dark spots removal method and a way to improve overall skin texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.

  • Bakuchiol

A chemical exfoliant that is more gentle than retinol and retinoids. Ideal for regular use or introductory into retinol. It chemically exfoliates skin to fade dark spots, fight acne, and smooth skin texture.

  • Retinol & Retinoids

The king & queens of chemical exfoliation. These ingredients stimulate cell turnover, exfoliation, firm skin, fight against dark spots and acne, fade hyperpigmentation, and keep skin looking younger longer in life.

  • Rice Extracts

A natural gentle and mild exfoliant. Stimulates cell turnover rates to fade away dark spots, brighten dull skin tones, and inhibits melanin in the skin, the molecule responsible for dark spots.

  • Licorice Extracts

Similar to rice, this ingredient gently brightens and removed dead skin cells to reveal brighter more even and clear skin.

  • Niacinamide

Fight against acne bacteria and clogged pores while gently stimulate cell turnover rate for clearer skin.

  • Arbutin

An ingredient that works to brighten dark spots and inhibit melanin production, the molecules that for dark spots.

These ingredients are the main players of any at home dark spots removal method for clearer skin. By incorporating some of these into your routine, you can expect to fade dark spots so fast it will feel like a miracle!

3 - Seek a professional dark spots removal method

While at home skincare products can work miracles, sometimes the fastest way to target stubborn deeply rooted dark spots on face is to simply seek professional treatments.

Laser Treatments

On average ranging anywhere from $60 - $150 USD per treatment, these dark spots removal method alternatives are a must-try! Results can be instant if not within a week and will have your skin looking flawless and clear in a jiff!

The bonus! laser treatments target the deeper levels of the skin as well, meaning they can resolve dark spots that have yet to be visible on the skin! Laser treatments are amazing options to fight against skin aging and are a treatment everyone should include in their skincare routines every few months for maintains and skin preservation.

Japanese skincare products for dark spots!

Here are our top selections of Japanese skincare products that work to target dark spots on the skin while evening out dull skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and even acne troubles. Great options for the ultimate at home miracle skincare routine for acne and dark spots.

dark spot serum NOA NOA LUXE VC7 EVO Serum japanese skincare products bare japan 12


Functional Ingredients:
Vitamin C, Licorice extract

This Japanese serum is carefully formulated with advanced Japanese technology to stabilize the otherwise unstable vitamin c. Delivering anti-inflammatory effects and active ingredients to fight inflammation that causes dark spots while giving lightweight anti-aging benefits.

 Serum for dark spots | AMARANTH Whitening Snow Serum Japanese skincare

AMARANTH Whitening Snow Anti-Pigmentation Serum

Functional Ingredients:

A high percentage Arbutin serum utilizing Japanese technology that fights against melanin production, the culprit to dark spots while delivering intensive hydration and gentle moisture to the skin.

Miracle dark spots removal methods that work! Japanese skincare recs!

HOMEO BEAU Fullerene Essence

Functional Ingredients:
Fullerene® (Japanese technology 172 times more effective than vit c) & Vitamin C

A highly concentrated vitamin c serum with Japanese technology of Fullerene® which is 172 times more effective at fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation than Vitamin C.

What it comes down to

Incorporate any one of these Japanese skincare products into your routine to experience the miracle of a routine that utilizes dark spots removal method technology.

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