Your skincare order might be ruining your skin

Applying a skincare routine isn't as simple as you think! The steps you do your skincare order in play a major role in the skincare products ability to absorb correctly.

If you're not applying your products in the correct skincare order, you may be feeling your skincare routine isn't working.

So how can we optimize your routine to ensure your skincare is working? Let us tell you!

The correct skincare order

An effective skincare routine can easily be placed in the skincare order of thinnest to thickest consistency. This includes water content vs oil content. The more water-based the product is, the earlier in your routine it should be applied.

How to start a skincare routine

1. Face wash / Cleanser

The face wash you use of course is the first step of your routine. This step can include anything from:

  • simply water
  • micellar water
  • toner
  • cleansing pads
  • milk cleanser
  • balm cleanser
  • oil cleanser

  • 2. First essence

    If you have a more advanced skincare routine, you may be using a first essence. If this is the case, this should be applied before your functional toner.

    First essences generally are very thin, water-based, highly concentrated products that absorb quickly into the skin to add quick targeted functional benefits. They should be applied immediately after cleansing to ensure optimal absorption into freshly cleansed skin. This brightening first essence is a great example.

    3. Toner/Lotion

    Your facial toner in your skincare routine generally will be thicker in consistency than your first essence. For your skincare order, toner/lotion should be applied as your third step.

    Toners contain more hydrating and even moisturizing ingredients that will help soften the skin to prep it for the skincare products to come next.

    Think of toner and lotion as your first function hydration layer in your skincare order. This brightening toner is a great option for functional hydration. This nourishing lotion is great to manage drier skin issues.

    4. Serum

    The 4th step in your skincare order is your functional serum. This serum should be the one you'd use that offers a specific treatment to your skincare routine.

    Example; this vitamin c serum, aha serum, bha serum, ginseng serum, or even a gentle retinol serumEssentially, any serum that has a high concentrate of functional ingredients.

    Using a facial serum at this point in your skincare order will maximize its effects on the skin without dilution.

    5. Ampoule

    Now you may be thinking, "isn't an ampoule a serum?". The correct answer is, no. Ampoules are similar in product sizing and formulation, however, ampoules are more so a "skincare cocktail".

    Skin ampoules generally are less concentrated than a serum and offer multiples functions. They commonly are very hydrating, gentle, functional layers in your skincare routine.

    6. Lotion/Gel

    Now that our treatment layers are out of the way, we can begin to introduce thicker layers. At this point in your skincare order, you can begin using any lotions or gel layers.

    A moisturizing lotion would be a liquid-like cream texture product. Cream lotions are usually catered to those with drier skin types. Hydrating gel layers are ideal for those who have oily, normal, and or dehydrated skin.

    Want to use both? Apply your gel layer before your creamy lotion layer. Remember, water-based comes before oil-based products.

    "Why would I use both?"

    Those with a dry dehydrated skin type require both deep hydration and extra moisture. If you have this skin type, consider adding this hydrating gel alongside this creamy lotion into your skincare routine.

    7. Eye cream

    If you enjoy adding a eye cream for dark circles into your skincare order, this would be the point to apply it. Eye products generally are facial creams with a high concentration of a specific functional ingredient.

    Generally, this would be a firming ingredient such as caffeine, or an antioxidant ingredient such as yerba mate.

    8. Day cream (SPF) / night cream

    This step in your skincare order will either be the end of your routine or the beginning of your evening routine. If this is your day routine, ideally you'll be using a strong SPF as your day cream.

    SPF is the only true anti-ageing treatment as 90%+ of skin ageing is caused by UV rays. The easiest way to ensure you stay ageless longer in life is to use an SPF as your day cream.

    Japanese SPF skincare is designed to be used this way, formulated to offer everything your skin needs during the day to stay perfectly moisturized and protected at the same time.

    This Japanese SPF is the perfect moisturizing layer to add to your skincare order.

    Night cream

    For your evening skincare routine, this would be the point to add your night cream. Night creams should be your thickest cream layer inclusive of functional anti-ageing and skin-repairing ingredients.

    Our cells naturally go through a recovery cycle when we sleep. Use a skin repairing night cream to optimize your skin's natural recovery process.

    9. Facial oil / sleeping mask

    We have made it to the end of your evening skincare routine!

    At this point, you should apply the thickest layer of your skincare order. This can either be a facial oil (ideal for those with dry or aging skin), or a sleeping mask (ideal for normal, oily, and dehydrated skin types).

    If you wish to use both, apply them keeping the water-based, oil-based rule in mind. Your sleeping mask will come before your facial oil. Using both is commonly favoured by those with dry dehydrated skin types.

    Keeping our glowing skin in mind, use a facial oil that helps to repair the skin. This dry skin facial oil contains repairing oils to boost your skin's repairing cycle at night.


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