Blackheads on the nose + oily nose tips & tricks

Blackheads on the nose are 100% natural, we all have them. But what makes everyone unique is the frequency at which our skin naturally produces these blackheads. This all can be influenced by if you have a more oily nose, how often you exfoliate your nose, and your skin's natural oil and sebum production.

How can I reduce my blackheads on the nose?

Keeping in mind that blackheads on the nose are natural and will always be around, there are steps we can take to manage them and slow the frequency at which they appear.

Step 1: Extractions

Having an extraction routine will be the #1 way to manage blackheads. I know we are all looking for that miracle answer to permanently get rid of blackheads, but that's just not the reality of human anatomy.

Give yourself a regular extraction routine to manage your blackheads on the nose. There are a few methods to do this effectively.

  1. Pinch them out

    Yes, with clean fingers wrapped in tissue, firmly press around the backhead until it emerges from the pore. If the blackhead is not emerging via pressing, then it's not ready yet.

  2. Lance them out

    This technique is most common at aesthetician clinics as it requires a steady hand and close vision. You can use sterile medical tweezers to poke into the blackheads, creating an exit point, grabbing the backhead with the fine tweezers, and pulling it out.

    This is an advanced technique that is not recommended without the right tools or steadiness. However, it is the least skin-damaging method to remove blackheads on the nose.

  3. Scrub them away

    You can opt for the most gentle option for blackhead removal, which is to use facial scrubs or exfoliation tools to scrub away any blackheads that have already begun to surface out of the pore.
    This method is only effective on blackheads that are already emerging on their own. It will not be effective at pulling blackheads out from within the pores.

Blackhead mistakes you don't want to make

Do not use pore strips or pore vacuums to remove blackheads from the nose. These methods are the most damaging to the skin.

Pore strips can easily remove too much skin, causing irritation and excessive dryness. Pore vacuums can cause blood vessels to be pulled to the surface of the skin, causing permanent spider veins around the nose.

How can I prevent blackheads from forming?

There is no way to permanently prevent them, but you can slow down their natural production rate. Here are some ways you can do that!

  1. Reduce oily nose with treatments

    Reducing the amount of oil your nose produces is the #1 way to slow down the number of blackheads on the nose you get.

    "How do I do this?"

    Use natural volcanic ash treatment such as this serum here to slow down production from deep within the pores.
    Blackheads-on-the-nose-+-oily-nose-tips-&-tricks-japanese-skincare-products-bare-japan-volcanic ash serum

    Volcanic ash works to target the skin's deeper layers and sebaceous glands to reduce an oil nose. volcanic ash is also great for those who suffer from blackheads, clogged pores, and acne under the skin.

  2. Exfoliate regularly

    Regularly exfoliating the nose will help to remove dead skin cell build-up. Blackheads are formed by a collective amount of oil and dead skin within the pores. By exfoliating away dead skin, it has less time to collect and form blackheads.

    Use this facial scrub or this facial exfoliating tool to exfoliate the nose once to twice a week.
    Blackheads-on-the-nose-+-oily-nose-tips-&-tricks-japanese-skincare-products-bare-japan-volcanic ash face wash scrub
    Blackheads-on-the-nose-+-oily-nose-tips-&-tricks-japanese-skincare-products-bare-japan-silk facial brush exfoliation brush for face

  3. Use clay masks daily

    For those with issues with regularly oily nose symptoms, incorporate daily clay mask such as this clay mask for the nose into your routine. A clay mask can be used on the nose for 5 minutes in the morning to help reduce excess oil from producing on the nose throughout the day.
    Blackheads-on-the-nose-+-oily-nose-tips-&-tricks-japanese-skincare-products-bare-japan-clay mask for oily skin

    This is a great option for those who truly suffer from very oily skin and large pores.

Say bye-bye to blackheads!

Those are the most effective ways to remove and manage blackheads on the nose and to manage an oily nose. Adopting these methods into your skincare routine will revolutionize your blackheads for more clear, glowing, and healthy-looking skin.

Good luck on your skin journey!

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