White Ichigo

WHITE ICHIGO Organic Tech Essence Lotion

$69.90 SGD

White Ichigo is a combination of organic and natural ingredients brought about by using state or art Japanese cosmetic technology.

Cosmetic ingredients are grown on an eco friendly farm in Miyagi Prefecture. White Ichigo cares about the environment and tries to minimize CO2 emissions during production by using its many years of experience in the field. The brand have  completely abandoned the use of chemical pesticides opting for a more natural approach in the form of Bumblebees. 

Ichigo (苺) in Japanese means strawberry. The key component of the series is a unique white strawberry variety grown on White Ichigo's own organic farms with full quality control.

White strawberries are rich in polyphenols and vitamin C which have antioxidant properties and protect the skin from aging whilst stimulating collagen production. 

Moreover, there is no pigment in white strawberries that can cause allergic reactions. 

Essence lotion performs three functions: cleanses the skin, removes dead cells and restores the natural cycle of epidermal cell renewal. The nutritional composition is 99% organic leaving the skin deeply moisturized.

Arbutin evens the skins complexion and effectively yet safely fights pigmentation. 

Ultrafine particles of white strawberry seed oil contain ceramides that retain moisture and make the skin supple.

Three types of hyaluronic acid  and squalane protect your skin from unpleasant dryness and restores skins natural PH balance.

Organic lavender and thyme smoothes and softens the skin texture.

Ideal for sensitive skin care. 

Free of alcohol, colorants, flavors, parabens and mineral oil.

Method of application: apply a generous amount of lotion to a cotton pad or your palms and follows the contours of your face. 

Volume: 120 ml 

Ingredients:  Fragalia tyroensis fruit juice (moisturizing ingredient), α-arbutin (skin conditioning and brightening ingredient), European raspberry seed oil (moisturizing ingredient), hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, acetyl hyaluronic acid Na (moisturizing ingredient), Thyme leaf extract (moisturizing ingredient), lavender flower extract (moisturizing ingredient)

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