NOA NOA LUXE White Moisture Gel

  • $55.00 SGD
Noa Noa Gel is unique in that it replaces the use of lotion, milk, cream and makeup foundation. This is a universal remedy for those who want to get a full skin care for the minimum time.

The formula of the gel provides comprehensive skin care:

Water-soluble extract of the placenta is a bleaching component, and also tightens and tightens the mature skin, nourishes it with amino acids and minerals.

Dicolium glycyrrhizinate licorice root - softens the skin, eliminates inflammation and rashes.

Triple hyaluronic acid has high moisturizing properties.

Geranium extract protects the skin from photo-aging, suppresses the appearance of pigment spots, protects the collagen protein from destruction by UV rays.
Founded in 2011, Not Not Luxe is a skin care brand with a concept of carefully selecting products with high evaluation in beauty salons and beauty clinics and making it easy for anyone to use in home care. By adding one item of the noanoa Luxe brand to your usual skin care line, you should realize the difference on your bare skin.