TOP 5 Best Japanese Skin Care Products | Bare Japan

Japanese beauty has just as much to offer in terms of excellent and effective beauty products!

And Japanese skincare products are known today as ones of the best in the whole wide world, especially some of them, such as serums, face masks, cleansers and and lotions, eyes patches and etc.

We are sharing with you some of very best products  of the last year from BARE JAPAN BEAUTY skincare.


#1 Spa Treatment Patches  - $39.99

These unique patches with HAS (stem cells obtained by the latest technologies) due its ideal compatibility with skin cells and liposomal technology, smooth and lifting the skin, lighten it, reduce puffiness, the skin and give a deep therapeutical effect.

 SPA Treatment HAS + iSheet - patches are packed in jar, where partition divided into two sections. The internal partition contains tweezers, which are convenient to separate patches one by one.

Almost magical effect of this product to your skin plus it`s compact beautiful package design make it your favourite skincare product.

SPA Treatment HAS + iSheet - patches with deep regenerating anti-aging effects is skin care investment that you will never regret.


#2 Noa Noa Bio Cellulose Mask

Sheet masks are highly regarded in the land of the rising sun. Japanese women appreciate convenience and speed. These masks do not slip and stain everything around, saving a lot of time. The essence on the mask itself cannot evaporate and instead, it penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin.

Noa Noa Biocellulose Mask with placenta extract is made by an innovative technology using Nata de coco - fermented coconut water.

The three-dimensional mesh structure of the biological fiber and the gel texture allows the Noa Noa mask to fit snugly against the uneven surface of the skin, compared to other commonly used face mask materials. The dense texture of the mask for a long time keeps the moisturizing ingredients, not allowing them to quickly evaporate in the process of application.

Noa Noa Biocellulose Mask provides lifting effect, slowing down cell aging, improving skin circulation and regeneration, interfering with melanin synthesis and is effective in preventing hyperpigmentation, preventing of premature aging and protection against free radicals.

By adding Noa Noa Bio Cellulose Mask to your usual skin care line, you should be able to feel the difference on your bare skin after first week of using this amazing product!


#3 AMARANTH Critical Lotion

AMARANTH Critical Lotion is gentle lotion that fights skin dehydration, eliminating the root cause of the lack of moisture.

The lotion consists of various useful ingredients that nourishes the skin.

Antioxidants in this lotion cleanse the skin of free radicals, serve as a stimulator of small muscles, effectively smooth and visually rejuvenate the skin with its action.

Hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture. Other amazing ingredients smooth and remove fine lines, slows down the aging process at the cellular level.

The lotion does not clog pores, so it is completely suitable for people with very sensitive skin.

AMARANTH Critical Lotion became our customer`s favourite from the first day of appearing in our BARE JAPAN BEAUTY line!


    #4 Night Serum Capsules SPA Treatment ACE


    Capsules SPA Treatment ACE are night essence with retinol energy and its the world's first capsules of plant material, protected from UV rays, oxidation and penetration of bacteria.

    These capsules is quintessence of Vitamin C, E and retinol which is so needs for your skin.

    They actively and comprehensively improve skin condition, reduces wrinkles, restores damaged skin, tightens pores, whitens age spots, improves elasticity and firmness, moisturizes and refreshes the complexion.

    Each capsule contains a million micro-ions that are instantly absorbed into the skin and work throughout your sleep... and the way you feel and look in the morning is non comparable to what you feel after using any other night essence!


    #5 Lioverite Cosmetics Series


    Line cosmetics LIOVERITE - the result of the development of Japanese and French laboratories... and it`s one of our most beloved brands in Bare Japan Line.

    What is so unique about LIOVERITE Cosmetic Series?

    LIOVERITE products combine ancient Japanese cosmetic secrets and modern technologies of production French beauty products.

    LIOVERITE Cosmetic Series are best in: restoring skin PH

    balance, stimulating collagen production, increasing skin elasticity, gentle mositurizing, soothing the skin, making it soft and velvety, normalizing its natural microflora, and mild anti-aging effect.

    LIOVERITE Cosmetic Series is suitable for absolutely any type of skin!


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