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  • The Miracles of Vitamin A for Skin

    Vitamin A, the miracle of glowing, younger and plumper skin! Vitamin A has many various functions - ensuring healthy vision, skin and bones - but today, let's focus on the benefits it has on skin! If you're concerned about wrinkles or suffer from pigmentation and spots, this is the "V" that you'... View Post
  • Different Types of Face Masks - which is for you?

    Let's talk about masks! Beauty face masks! It's relaxing, cooling and of course, a great way to rehydrate our skin and give it the extra TLC it needs.

    But, as fun, as it is, choosing the right mask that is effective for your skin type is a challenge. You'd want to select a mask that is best for your skin. Choosing the wrong type of mask can only make your skin feel inflamed and irritated.

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  • TOP 5 Best Japanese Skin Care Products | Bare Japan

    Japanese beauty has just as much to offer in terms of excellent and effective beauty products!

    And Japanese skincare products are known today as ones of the best in the whole wide world, especially some of them, such as serums, face masks, cleansers and and lotions, eyes patches and etc.

    We are sharing with you some of very best products  of the last year from BARE JAPAN BEAUTY skincare.

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    The ever-youthful beauty of Japanese women has been a point of secret jealousy among many women all around the world. It seems that they have found the secret code to youth. Their porcelain skin stays smooth and flawless, and their hair stay lustrous and voluminous regardless of age. View Post