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  • Living a day in Kobe with Style!

    After we are done caring for our skin, it is time to head out – and for most people who are staying in other cities (Osaka/Kyoto etc), we would need to take the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Shin Kobe. We would recommend trying the train bento, so that we get to experience the complete package. View Post
  • Living a day in Kyoto!

    Kyoto is the previous capital of Japan, and is one of the many cities in Japan with picturesque architecture – traditional Japanese settings, yet with occasional contemporary brands seating within it such as Starbucks etc. 

    For people who have yet to fully experience Kyoto – this article is meant for you, so that you can also experience living 1 day in Kyoto with style. View Post
  • Living A Day In Osaka With Style

    Many friends and customers of ours have asked us to share some of our favourite places to explore, and because of country travel restrictions as well, we decided to start a mini sharing series about some of our favourite places in Japan – and our tips to explore these places in style – to bring a slice of Japan right to your doorstep. View Post
  • Aojiru: The Secret to Longevity & Health

    According to research and statistics, the average life expectancy of a Japanese person is up to 84 years of age. With the growth of advances in treating disease, along with the public’s rising health awareness, Japan is one of the most rapidly ageing societies in the world. One of the main contri... View Post