FIRSTLY, you will receive a special code just for you. It will allow you to have 15% off our entire catalog where you'll be able to purchase your favourite products from Bare Japan. You may use these products to promote on your social media and tag us in it for shout-outs and features on our instagram page so you can gain more followers!

Second, you receive a personal promotional code, it offers 10% discount to your followers who order from our site.

Third, we give you 5% of sales made with your promo code.

Example: Facial Cleanser at the price of S$50, when one of your followers uses your code, they will pay S$45 instead of the full amount, and you will receive S$2.50 from their purchase (your commission depends on the total amount of their order, the more they buy, the higher the commission).

The payment of your commissions is paid to you monthly via Paypal.

For every 10 times your code has been used, we will send you a new product to promote, for FREE!!

Interested?! Send us your message now and let us know you're interested in our influencer affiliation program!