TOMIOKA Kiri Silk Soap

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Weight - 83g

A gentle facial soap containing pure silk extract.

All-natural product. Contains no colourants, flavours or mineral oils.

Silk is almost 100% fibrous protein and contains valuable amino acids. Silk structural protein fibroin is the richest source of glycine - an amino acid that retains moisture many times more than other moisturizing components. Glycine is able to penetrate deeply into tissues, intensively moisturize the skin and stimulate cell regeneration processes.

Tomioka Kiri Silk Soap gently cleanses the skin and fights against age-related changes, the appearance of spots, yellowish-dull skin tone, loss of elasticity and wrinkles.

Silk essence effectively regulates the skin, slightly brightens and refreshes the complexion, evens out the tone, regulates the acid-base balance, supports metabolism for permanent moisturized skin.

Silk protein prevents the skin from roughness, dryness and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity.

It softens and regenerates the skin.

The main components:

  • Silk

It brightens age spots and eliminates fine wrinkles, moisturizes and restores the skin, making it soft and smooth.

  • Coconut oil

Effectively prevents dehydration, thereby eliminating small “dry” wrinkles. Restores skin tone.

  • Olive oil

Intensive moisturizes, improves skin elasticity. Prevents the appearance of dry wrinkles, evens complexion.

  • Palm oil

Regulates water balance, cleans pores from blackheads.

Tomioka Kiri Silk Face Soap is a complete range of skin care products.

- Night food

- Lightening skin tone

- Deep nutrition

- moisturizing

- Getting rid of dullness and a yellowish complexion.

Composition: coconut oil, water, olive oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, silk