SPA TREATMENT Patches with hyaluronic acid microneedles

  • $95.65 SGD

In 1 box there are 4 pairs of patches, each pair is individually packed.

Manufacturer: Spa Treatment (Wave Corporation), Japan

No age limit patches with hyaluronic acid microneedles deeply moisturize and smooth the skin, eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes.

No matter how good the composition of the product, if the substances do not reach the inner layers of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid nano needles are made using Qusome's unique technology, which delivers substances right under the stratum corneum.

They are stickers with crystallized hyaluronic acid.

Microneedles gradually melt in contact with the skin, and spread the substance to all layers of the epidermis, bypassing the top.

Hyaluronic acid nourishes the cells with moisture and prevents its evaporation, tightens and smoothes the skin.

Half an hour after the needles dissolve, it starts the process of tissue regeneration, improves blood microcirculation and intercellular metabolism, stimulates collagen synthesis and elastin production.

Mode of application:

After removing the protective tape for a few seconds, press the patches to the area around the eyes. The process of dissolving microneedles begins 30 minutes after the start of use, so the procedure is best done at night before going to bed.

Ingredients: 100% hyaluronic acid.

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