• SPA TREATMENT Ex Series Peeling Gel

SPA TREATMENT Ex Series Peeling Gel

  • $85.00 SGD

Volume: 100ml

Manufacturer: Spa Treatment (Wave Corporation), Japan

Delicate Peeling Gel Spa Treatment actively removes old skin cells, activating the regeneration process, without damaging the epidermis.

Japanese functional nano cosmetics.

The gel removes the old cells of hardened skin, making it soft and tender, allowing deep penetration of the active substances of the next steps of care. Unlike chemical peels that work on the surface of the skin at the risk of damaging it, the effect of this drug is based on a protein reaction. The impact is carried out on the old horny substance of the upper layers, without penetrating deep into. Massaging movements stimulate the protein reaction and the breakdown of old cells into components that simply roll off the skin in clumps.

Contains chlorella extract, cucumber extract, aloe extract and soybean seed extract to moisturize the skin.

The recommended frequency of use 1-2 times a week.

1-2 applications are enough for one application. Hermetic vacuum packaging prevents bacteria from entering the gel and prevents oxidation of the product.

Light citrus scent.

Japanese professional cosmetics.

Avoid eye contact.

Ingredients: water, PEG - 8, carbomer, cetrimonium chloride, PEG - 75, urea, brown sugar extract, aloe vera extract - 1, hyaluronic acid, Na, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, BG, ethanol, orange oil

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