Spa Treatment Сushion Foundation (Cream-powder with HAS complex and protective factor SPF 50+ PA ++++)

  • $55.00 SGD

Compact cream powder combines the advantages of BB cream and powder - this is a universal and incredibly convenient tool to use.

The peculiarity of the cream powder in its unusual form is that inside the powder box there is a sponge pillow soaked in a light creamy foundation. 

The smallest reflective particles have a corrective effect, they even out skin tone, make wrinkles less noticeable. 

Particles of powder adsorb sweat and excess fat from the surface of the skin throughout the day, preventing the oily sheen from ruining your makeup.

The cream formula contains a complex of caring ingredients: β-glucan, chamomile extract, aloe vera, hatomuga cereal extract, arnica flowers, shea butter and others.

The HAS complex is a complex with stem cell extract. Thanks to its perfect compatibility with skin cells and liposomal technology, the HAS component penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, triggers anti-aging processes, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and promotes regeneration.

The high protection factor SPF 50+ PA ++++ allows you to use cream powder instead of sunscreen.

 It does not roll on the face, adjusts to the color of the skin, is evenly distributed without creating a mask effect. It masks black spots and minor skin imperfections well.

Volume: 12g