• SPA TREATMENT EX C-Serum with vitamin C

SPA TREATMENT EX C-Serum with vitamin C

  • $165.00 SGD

Manufacturer: Spa Treatment (Wave Corporation), Japan

Serum contains ascorbic acid, sealed in nano capsules, which actively penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Stimulates the work of fibroblasts and the production of its own collagen. The complexion instantly becomes more bright and healthy. The skin tone is evened out and its relief is improved, the skin becomes smoother and matte.

Tightens pores and makes them almost invisible.

The drug is effective in the treatment of wrinkles, darkening and pigmentation of the skin. Soothes and saves the most tired skin, prone to stress. Serum was able to stabilize unstable vitamin C due to Qu-som nano-encapsulation (Lipo Ceutical®). Liposomal technology has been developed for the delivery of active ingredients into the skin cell: the components are wrapped in nano-sized capsules of 1/1000 human hair. Thereby better compatibility with the barrier function of the epidermis, which gave a high level of penetration.

Method of application:

Use 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening after the procedure of cleansing and moisturizing with lotion. Massage all over the face.

Ingredients: polyethylene glycol, ascorbic acid, glyceryl distearate, polyacrylamine, isoparaffin, laureth 7.

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