• QINUDE Amino Stick (Vitamin A Supplement)

QINUDE Amino Stick (Vitamin A Supplement)

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Amino acids of silk are well absorbed by the human body, contain alanine, glycine and serine: protein hair growth stimulants and building material for skin cells. 

Vitamins C, B1 and B12 contribute to improving the quality of the skin and hair, rapid tissue regeneration and transportation of the necessary nutrients to the cells.

L- cysteine ​​is involved in the formation of collagen, which determines the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and is also a powerful antioxidant that helps in the fight against free radicals. 

Naturally occurring hyaluronic acid is responsible for the turgor of the skin and its moisture. 

QINUDE cosmetics was created at the famous Chiso silk factory in Japan, which has been manufacturing high-quality silk and making kimonos since 1555. The QINUDE brand was created to preserve the most ancient art.

Method of application: take one stick per day. The contents of the stick must be dissolved in water.

Volume: 30 sticks 

Ingredients: hydrolyzed silk amino acid, chicken comb hyaluronic extract, vitamin C, L-cystine, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B1, vitamin B12.