PINK CROSS Aroma Scalp Care & Moisturising Lotion

  • $56.80 SGD

Volume: 200 ml

The lotion-based water-resistant formula of hyaluronic acid and the collection of medicinal herbs for healthy microflora of the scalp and the rapid growth of strong and elastic hair.

Water-resistant hyaluronic acid covers the hair and its bulb with a protective moisturizing layer gives them elasticity and helps to improve the penetrating ability of beneficial substances.

Extracts of Stephania tetrandra plant, birch bark and rooibos, take care of the health of the scalp, are used as anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-peeling and dandruff agents.

Japanese soveria improves blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and restoration.

Silk extract softens the hair, gives it shine, nourishes amino acids and proteins. 

Enoxolone and salicylic acid fight seborrhea (dandruff), pyridoxine (vitamin B6) eliminates brittle hair, nourishes, and prevents the violation of the fat balance of the scalp. 

Method of application: 

The lotion is applied after shampooing. Using a convenient dispensing nozzle, apply lotion to the scalp and massage with your fingers to spread the product throughout the head. 


Ethanol, water, enoxolone, pyridoxine HCI, salicylic acid,  Stephania cepharantha  root extract, a rtemisia capillaris  extract, achillea millefolium extract, rooibos extract, assembly extract, European white birch bark extract, hydroxypropylpyritrimonium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed silk, betaine - betain Na, sorbitol, serine, glycine, glutamic acid, alanine, lysine, arginine, threonine, proline, menthol, BG, phenoxyethanol, fragrance