• Kill Virus Antibacterial Surface Disinfection Spray
  • Kill Virus Antibacterial Surface Disinfection Spray

Kill Virus Antibacterial Surface Disinfection Spray

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With the rise of infections from cold and flu viruses, it is always important to keep hygiene and cleanliness a top priority in our lives.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in in our homes or even in public areas doesn’t only protect us and our loved ones from contracting illnesses but it also helps decontaminate the area around us.

Cleaning helps remove traces of dirt, debris and dust which harbors germs and bacteria and may contribute to the growth of harmful microbes.

But cleaning alone doesn’t help rid surfaces of these bacteria and germs…

Using a disinfectant cleaner such the Kill Virus Antibacterial Surface Disinfection Spray, 99.9% of pathogens can be eliminated which lasts for 48 hours on any inanimate surface such as door knobs, furniture, kitchen exterior and even public places like toilets, train handles, etc.

By throughly cleaning surfaces prior to disinfection, you can be sure to have a safer and germ-free environment.

Active substance: Chlorine dioxide 

Composition: Water, Chlorine dioxide. 


  • do not mix with other disinfectants
  • avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • keep out of reach of children
  • do not use for kitchen appliances, dishes, toys for babies and personal hygiene items
  • apply strictly as directed
  • When the eye and contact the mucous membranes of wash water and apply to the doctor

Attention! This product is NOT an antiseptic for the hands. Use exclusively for surface disinfection.

Please choose the volume you need ( 300 ml and 100 ml ).