• DIREIA Stem Essence (The Rose Body Lotion -moisturizing and revitalizing action)

DIREIA Stem Essence (The Rose Body Lotion -moisturizing and revitalizing action)

Luxurious skincare with antioxidant, brightening, moisturizing and revitalizing action.

Suitable for the face and the whole body, ideal for moisturizing the skin of the body in the hot season, after the sea or water treatments.

Actively moisturizes and softens the skin, struggling with its wilting and age-related changes.

Gentle non-oily texture instantly absorbed and leaves no residue on clothing. Convenient bottle with dispenser.

The lotion contains an antioxidant-rich rose extract grown in Japan without the use of pesticides.

As part of the lotion complex HADS-ACTIVATOR, which is an extract of human stem cells and several peptides combined in a special structure. The structure penetrates the level of the dermis and causes a response in the skin cells, stimulating the activity of its own regeneration resources.

Vitamin C helps to lighten pigmentation. The composition also lotion hyaluronic acid, extracts of coffee, matte tea.

Does not contain alcohol, mineral oils, parabens, artificial flavors.

Subtle unobtrusive scent of roses.

Cosmetics Direia - is the pinnacle of Japanese technology in the field of anti-aging cosmeceuticals. The effectiveness of the line is confirmed by scientific data.
The line is designed specifically for beauty salons. Suitable for home use.

Cosmetic line Direia has an impact at the cellular level. It consists of more than 200 types of growth factors and physiologically active substances that work on cell activation.

The basis of the series is the patented bioactive complex “HADS-ACTIVATOR COMPLEX®”, including “VITA-HA” (a vitamin C derivative, suppresses inflammatory processes and pigmentation), extract ADSC-CM (contributes to the activity of skin cells) and “PROLIPHIL-F4” (strengthens fibroblast proliferation and collagen production).