• CORECO 100% Concentrated Placenta Extract

CORECO 100% Concentrated Placenta Extract

  • $199.00 SGD

Volume: 55 ml

Manufacturer: Coreco, Japan

Active Ingredients: Proteins, fats, nucleic acids and polysaccharides. Affects the flow of important metabolic processes in cells, stimulating the rapid renewal of damaged cells, and also contributes to the development of collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid by the body.

Usage: Suitable for sensitive skin. Does not cause allergic reactions. Due to its regenerative properties, the 100% Concentrated Placenta Extract is able to assist with age-related skin problems such as wrinkles, age spots and loss of elasticity.

Packaging: The solution is packaged in sterile medical ampoules. A convenient dispenser nozzle is attached to the ampoule.

Application: Can be applied directly to the skin or mixed with other cosmetics.

Coreco is the first cosmetics company to launch production of a concentrated solution of placenta and umbilical cord extract. Raw materials for whey are selected and processed under careful quality control.