BIEST FUMIE Hydrogen Lotion with Platinum and Fullerenes (anti-aging)

  • $145.00 SGD

Hydrogen lotion with a unique composition and a one-of-a-kind technological bottle that allows you to hold hydrogen molecules for 2 months of use. 

The hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecule in the world that easily penetrates the skin's protective barrier and conducts the remaining active components along the deeper layers of the skin. Hydrogen is considered the best antioxidant, hydrates the skin from the inside, eliminates signs of skin aging.

The reducing, antioxidant and anti-ageing properties of hydrogen have a powerful synergistic effect in combination with a platinum nanocolloid. Their properties become 65 times stronger than when using these substances separately. 

Technologists Biest Fumie developed a special bottle to maintain the therapeutic concentration of hydrogen in the lotion for 2 months. A mini-generator is built into the bottom of the bottle, containing  2 types of agents for generating hydrogen molecules - quick and slow action. 

Also, it is composed of Ulleri (eliminate free radicals narrow enlarged pores, skin tone and protect against the formation of pigmentation), alpha-lipoic acid (antioxidant, restores skin elasticity), deep moisturizing form of vitamin C ( bis-glyceryl ascorbate). 

Metal bottle. 

Volume: 120 ml 

Method of application: to activate the generation of hydrogen, unscrew the disk-shaped nozzle from the bottom of the flask before use. You will no longer need a nozzle. Apply lotion to clean skin. After applying the lotion, complete the treatment by applying serum and cream.