• AXXZIA Aither Face Cream (for problem skin)

AXXZIA Aither Face Cream (for problem skin)

  • $125.00 SGD

Axxzia Aither professional salon line is intended for skin prone to various types of rashes, black spots, greasy and enlarged pores. 

Tremella snow mushroom extract has anti-inflammatory and firming properties, reliably protects the skin from the negative effects of environmental factors, acts as a moisturizing and antioxidant agent.

Rich in glucuronic acid, beta-D-glucans and heteroglycans, snow fungus extract strengthens the walls of capillaries and small vessels, and also improves cellular metabolism.

Witch hazel calms the skin, has a mild disinfecting and sebum-regulating effect, treats skin diseases and allergic reactions, and promotes the rapid healing of acne.

Salicylic acid eliminates inflammation, purifies purulent secretions and stops the spread of pathogenic bacteria.

The cream creates a protective barrier on the skin without burdening it, deeply moisturizes and nourishes, relieves itching and discomfort. 

Volume: 50 gr