The ever-youthful beauty of Japanese women has been a point of secret jealousy among many women all around the world. It seems that they have found the secret code to youth. Their porcelain skin stays smooth and flawless, and their hair stay lustrous and voluminous regardless of age.

The secret of their success in defying time is indeed ancient… and very simple at the same time; the combination of a healthy diet and regular care based on natural ingredients throughout hundreds of generations! 

The Japanese skincare industry is also one of the oldest in the world. And ancient secret of skincare is being widely used in many cosmetics companies nowadays.

In the past where there were no world-famous skincare brands or cosmetic drugstores, Geishas (trademark of Japan’s beauty) had to make do with what they could find in their everyday lives to help them in their skincare routine. To balance the negative effects of having to layer on make up after make-up, they focused on natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin which are also used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Modern day Japanese cosmetics and skin care are both formulated in a similar way. The simple truth in Japanese cosmetics and skincare is that they are natural and non-toxic. Most Japanese brands are inspired by the Geishas’ commitment and discipline in using organic ingredients. Rather than stripping off what is natural, Japanese brands seek to use what nature has given to us.

It is believed that for something to be beautiful outside, it should be taken care of on the inside.


  1. Vitamin C


This vitamin is what Japanese vouch for in their everyday life. Can you believe what makes their daily diet? ORANGES! And why so? In order to deoxidise and break up melanin pigments in the skin. Plus, it helps remove skin pigmentation and gives an even skin tone. Drink orange juice with pulp at least twice a week. You can also apply the orange pulp on your face for 10-15 minutes and wash it off. After doing this for a couple of months, you will definitely notice the difference in your skins complexion.



  1. Hydration


Hydration is a very important part of Japanese   skincare. Water helps in our digestion and absorption. Without ample hydration, our organs are unable to operate well. It also helps drive out toxins from our bodies. Notice how those who drink lots of water are seen to have more supple and moisturized skin? 

This is because water is needed to maintain elasticity. Water is the best skin care product you could ever have!



  1. Healthy Nutritional Diet.


Diet is an important part of Japanese beauty. Have you noticed that most Japanese foods are fermented and organic? Cuisines usually consist of fish and vegetables. They are very particular in their diet, as they know it could affect their well-being and appearance in general. 

This is also the heart of Japanese skincare, which we should always remember. What we eat plays a very significant role in how our health shows on the outside.



  1. Komenuka (Or Rice Bran)


This recipe in Japanese beauty secret nourishes the skin and prevent wrinkles. It is effective in removing age-old wrinkles and helps in giving you a flawless complexion.

Komenuka – the rice bran powder has more than 70 antioxidants!!

It also has essential nutrients which makes it a versatile ingredient for scrubs, facials and body treatments.

Recipe for making Komenuka –

  • Take a small pot.
  • Boil 3 large tbsp of rice
  • Strain the rice but keep the water as it will be used for facial
  • Add 1 tbsp of milk to the rice
  • Mix it well.
  • Now mix in 1 tbsp honey.
  • Make sure that the mixture is sticky enough to stay on your face when applied.
  • On clean and dry face, apply the rice bran mask.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • To remove the mask, use the rice water that you kept aside.
  • As a result of which you get skin which is moisturised and free from dark spots or sun damage.



  1. Green Tea


This is the answer to how Japanese women maintain their youth and slim figures. It is believed that green tea is the "elixir of youth" due to its well-known health benefits. Green tea helps slow down the ageing process and keeps the skin youthful and supple. In fact, green tea powder can counter UV damage by reactivating dying skin cells, reducing inflammation and balancing the skin tone.




  1. Camelia Oil and Seaweed


As to the envy-inspiring lustrous flowing hair - one of the main beauty component used by Japanese people (both men and women) to preserve and improve their beautiful hair is nothing more than camellia oilA simple application of small quantity of warm camellia oil on the hair for 20 minutes before washing is enough to make the hair look more lustrous and stronger.



And the most important secret to staying young and beautiful is Inner Beauty!

Inner beauty does not need treatments, procedures or tricks. Inner beauty - the poise and confidence that comes from within- is a result of harmony, balance and happiness. Always remember to stay happy and treat yourself once in a while!