Japanese Sunscreen - Makoto Kamata UV Color Base SPF review

Finding the best Japanese sunscreen can seem overwhelming, especially when the selection is so high, with little information on each brand.

We are here to provide some personal insight on some of the best Japanese spf options. Reviewing each one to better share just how great or not great they are for you.

Today we will be testing and reviewing the Makoto Kamata UV Color Base SPF 50+ PA++++. But what exactly is the Japanese sunscreen all about and why should you try it? Let’s find out!

Makoto Kamata UV Color Base SPF 50+ PA++++

Benefits of this Japanese Sunscreen

  • Light liquid milk texture
  • Absorbs quickly & evenly into the skin
  • Satin finish
  • Acts are as a primer for makeup application
  • Smooths out the appearance of large pores
  • Brand backed by 50 years of research and clinical data

Those are some awesome sounding benefits, but how does this Japanese sunscreen fair in actual application? Let’s put it to the test!

Japanese Sunscreen Texture

MAKOTO KAMATA UV Color Base SPF 50 PA+++ Japanese sunscreen japanese skincare products bare japan

This Japanese sunscreen comes in a bottle of 30ml which doesn’t feel like a lot of product. However, when it comes to the actual texture and formulation of the Makoto Kamata UV Color Base SPF, its liquid milk consistency means a little goes a long way.

When applied on the skin, the formula effortlessly glides evenly over the face, without absorbing too quickly, it’s able to cover an impressive amount of surface area.

At first, this Japanese spf has almost a silicon oily texture. As it is worked into the skin, it quickly begins to feel like a makeup primer.

3 finger lines worth (½ tsp) of spf was used to apply over the face. This is the recommended amount of spf for the face to stay protected.

This lightweight Japanese sunscreen had no difficulty covering the entire face with this much product.

Wear & Longevity

When applying makeup on top of Japanese sunscreen Makoto Kamata UV Color Base SPG 50+, makeup applied extremely smoothly.

The overall look of the makeup was a satin finish that neither looked oily, shiny or matte on the skin. The pores looked blurred out and the makeup was not separating, crumbling, or smudging.

The final appearance looked seamless and perfect without any visible white cast.

MAKOTO KAMATA UV Color Base SPF 50 PA+++ Japanese sunscreen japanese skincare products bare japan bronwyn papineau honeybii biibiibeauty

4 hour reapplication

As we all know, spf needs to be reapplied every 4 hours to maintain its ability to protect the skin from aging UV rays. As this Japanese sunscreen is a liquid milk texture, it was hard to assume it would reapply without complications.

3 finger lines worth of the Makoto Kamata UV Color Base SPF were applied to the hands and gently massaged into the skin over top of existing makeup from the day.

Surprisingly, base makeup blended smoothly with this Japanese sunscreen with little disruption to its appearance.


  • Foundation blended seamlessly
  • Concealer minimally disrupted
  • Did not give an oily appearance
  • Gave same satin finish


  • Highlighter disappeared
  • Blush slightly out of place
  • Contour smudged, especially on the nose

Taking into consideration the fact that any application of a liquid or cream overtop of existing makeup would cause some level of disturbance;

The Makoto Kamata UV Color Base SPF fairs extremely well in wear and reapplication!

Overall ranking

Final thoughts on this Japanese sunscreen is that it is a great sunscreen for face for all skin types, even those with normal to oily skin.

The formula is lightweight, doesn’t crumble with skincare, smoothes out skin texture, works well with makeup, doesn’t look oily, has minimal to no white cast, reapplies with minimal makeup disruption and did not cause irritation or breakouts!

Quite possibly one of the best Japanese sunscreen options out there!

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