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SHIKARI Face Cream Soap

$39.50 SGD

Natural cream soap with caring ingredients to cleanse the skin of the face.

At the base is white ash from the foothills of the Kyushu volcanoes. The richest natural source of minerals and trace elements. More than 60% of the composition is a beauty serum, which includes aloe vera, manuka honey and hydrolyzed collagen.

It also contains brown sugar, which has a mild antibacterial effect and, thanks to the alpha-hydroxyl acid it contains, has anti-aging properties.

Oolong tea extract moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

The cream soap coalesces into a gentle, persistent foam that gently cleanses the skin without damaging it.

Suitable for cleansing sensitive skin. Due to the abundant foam, cleansing occurs without mechanical friction and unnecessary contact with the skin.

The set includes a special mesh for beating the foam.

Shikari 然 り in Japanese means natural, natural.

 Has no fragrance. 

Volume: 90 gr

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