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Noa Noa Amino Direct Recovery Amino Acid & Collagen Peptide

$79.59 SGD

Volume: 30 sticks

Amino acid supplement with collagen peptide and BCAA complex.

Collagen peptide is an easily digestible form of collagen protein necessary for the health of connective tissues of the entire human body, elastic skin, beautiful hair, strong bones and the cardiovascular system. 

The Noa Noa Amino Direct Recovery collagen peptide contains 18 types of amino acids , including 8 essential amino acids that are not produced by our body on its own.  

Amino acids are involved in the synthesis of collagen, they are essential building material for the collagen chains

Also includes BCAA (BCA) - a complex of the three most important essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. 

Noa Noa Amino Direct Recovery is recommended for improving the skin, hair and nail condition.

Amino acids: Hydroxyproline (8.6 g), Aspartic acid (4.2 g), Serine (3.6 g), Glutamic acid (7.2 g), Proline (10.7 g), Glycine (34, 0 g), Alanine (13.3 g), Tyrosine (0.1 g), Hydroxylisine (0.9 g), Arginine (4.5 g), Threonine (2.5 g), Valine (2.0 g), Methionine (0.8 g), Isoleucine (1.0 g), Leucine (2.2 g), Phenylalanine (1.4 g), Lysine (2.6 g), Histidine (0.7 g).

How to use: take 1 stick per day. Dissolve in water or other drinks. 

Expiration date: 2021.04.05

INGREDIENTS: collagen peptide (fish).

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