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Ecom Filter Replacement (for Ecom mini EK-011 Only)

$18.28 SGD $21.50 SGD

Product Details:

• New Generation Solid State Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) Filter
• Disinfect & remove airborne contaminants such as bacteria, germ, viruses, mould, odour and pollen
• Reduce the risk of viral infection from influenza, pneumonia viruses etc.
• Decompose Formaldehyde and Benzene from room, wardrobe or painted furniture
• Made in Japan

Dimension: 1.75 x 2.5 inch / 4.5 x 6.5 cm
Shelf life: 18 month
Lifespan: 1 Month after the product is unsealed
Ingredients: Chlorine Dioxide Self-generating compound
Expiry: 2018/11 or later

The product cannot be eaten; do not use it other than designed applications
If the product is accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water and spit it out;
If the product accidentally enters into the eyes, wash eyes with plenty of water;
If EA Mask is used in a windy condition, it may not serve the designed purpose;
The product is a weak bleaching agent. Do not put directly on top on clothes for long time;
Do not put the product into fire although it is not flammable;
Do not keep the product close to metal product easily get rust.

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