Bare Japan

LUXCEAR Visage Beauty Device

$538 SGD

The LUXCEAR Visage is a cutting edge, high-frequency wave beauty facial machine that is not only compact and sleek in design but also boasts commercial level strength.

It comes equipped with a unique system called VECH that allows the device to emit 3 different frequencies of high-frequency waves and radiofrequency simultaneously-- without the need for extra attachments or changing of modes.

This increases collagen production in the skin and also enhances the infusion of beauty ingredients from the gels and serums used for rapid anti-ageing results. The dual head feature of the LUXCEAR also allows the user to comfortably and easy reach all corners of their face, even the narrow areas such as around the eyes or between the eyebrows.

A powerful lithium-ion battery is fitted to allow for wireless use-- making the LUXCEAR the most convenient and effective at the at-home facial device.

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