Skin Damaging Habits You Didn’t Know You Were Doing


As much as we try to do our best to keep our skin clear and healthy, we still often get breakouts, uneven skin tone, dark spots, dull complexion and rough skin, which leaves us with the big question: “WHY?”

In today’s article, we will be talking about the skin damaging habits you might not even know you were doing.

Over cleansing

As much as you want your face to stay squeaky clean, over cleansing actually does more harm than good. Over cleansing your face strips your skin of its natural oils and in worst cases, it damages the skin barrier. 

It is advisable to wash your face twice a day – in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed in the evening. If your face feels oily in mid-day or during the afternoon, you can always use a blotting paper to remove the excess oil build up on your face.

 Always choose a cleanser that is right for your skin type.


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This is very obvious but the fact that most people still neglect this is why this habit made it to this list. 

Picking your face is probably one of the most skin damaging habits you’ll ever do.
It irritates the face, most especially the pores, and can sometimes lead to scarring which causes even bigger problems.

The next time you feel like picking your face and removing that stubborn blackhead/whitehead, consider seeking a dermatologists help instead.

There is actually a process to removing this blackheads and whiteheads on your face – it doesn’t just stop after pulling them out. Skin clinics offer facial services at a very affordable rate, and you’ll be sure that you are in good hands!

Touching your face

There are probably times when you touch your face without you even noticing:
when you cover your mouth to sneeze, when you touch your nose when it itches, or when you put your hand on your chin when taking a photo.

This habit transfers the bacteria from your hand to your face, which can cause clogging of pores and would later result to breakouts. Avoid touching your face,
and make sure that your hands are always clean by using hand sanitizers or alcohol.

Not wearing sunblock

Sunblock is probably one of the most important parts of your skin care routine.
Never leave your house without wearing sunblock because the sun’s harmful rays can truly damage your skin.

Being exposed to too much sunlight can cause wrinkles, dark spots, discoloration, sun burn, and in some cases, skin cancer. 


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Not exercising

Just like staying hydrated, exercising gives benefits not just in your bones and muscles but on your skin as well. 

When you exercise, you sweat a lot, and this releases the toxins inside your body.
Again, a healthy body from within can help give you that clear and healthy skin you have always wanted.

A short 20 minute exercise a day can do wonders to your overall health,
so don’t underestimate the power of exercise.

Not getting enough sleep

There is a reason why they call it "Beauty Sleep". Lack of sleep decreases the moisture levels of your skin causing it to get dehydrated. Your complexions pH levels also becomes lower which causes your skin to look dull and aged.

Our solution; drink a glass of water before bed so your body stays hydrated during the night. Using a moisturizing lotion also aids in keeping your skin vibrant while protecting it against the effects of aging while you sleep.

Not drinking enough water

Drinking water not only benefits your internal organs but your skin cells as well. The lack of hydration not only effects your energy levels but also causes dry and flaky skin, making it less resilient and prone to wrinkling. 

Always remember to drink 8 glasses of water a day to rid your body of toxins. Applying a hydrating moisturizer or night lotion a minute or two after showering or washing your face helps keep skin moisturized and smooth. 



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Now its time to go Bare and show the world your beautiful skin!