Living A Day In Osaka With Style

Many friends and customers of ours have asked us to share some of our favourite places to explore, and because of country travel restrictions as well, we decided to start a mini sharing series about some of our favourite places in Japan – and our tips to explore these places in style – to bring a slice of Japan right to your doorstep.

Osaka is one of our favourite places when it comes to experiencing Japan, and for people who have yet to fully experience Osaka – this article is meant for you, so that you can also experience living 1 day in Osaka with style.

First up before we start our day exploring Osaka, it is important to get ourselves prepared – and that means taking care of our skin. Furthermore, since we are exploring a Japanese city, why not we start our day as though we are a Japanese and that means beginning our skincare regime with Japanese products!

Firstly we start by cleansing ourselves with Kyoto Komachi Matcha Beauty Face Wash, which helps to deeply cleanse our skin but does not dry the skin, leaving us with a fresh scent of Matcha after the cleansing experience.

Followed by which, we will prep our faces with LIOVERITE Balance Control Essence, WHITE ICHIGO Organic Vitamin C Serum, & wrap up with RUHAKU Gettou UV, an organic sunscreen for face and body SPF50 + PA ++++, to keep our skin protected for the day.

Remember before heading out, to equip ourselves with our mask and to clip on the E-Com Air Mask which forms a protective barrier against virus when we head out to explore Osaka in complete style.

Photo by @stanleyokay

First stop for anyone exploring Osaka for the first time, would definitely be checking out Kuromon Market because they are one of the most famous markets over there.

Before we head in, we can soak up the traditional vibes of how a proper market should feel like, along with the blue skies & the bustling market vibes. 

Over at Kuromon Market, we got to try lots of food such as the famous Tamago pairing with unagi. However, unlike the Tsukiji Market over in Tokyo, their Tamagos are default without any sweetened or unsweetened choices.

A side note, this market has a tremendous amount of grilled Unagis – definitely a go-to-place for Unagi lovers!


Photo by @worldbestfoodies  

For friends looking to travel in style, do remember to bring along your own Aojiru Yonaguni drink so that you can feel less overwhelmed by their foods’ opulence.


We also checked out many delicious food establishments which includes slightly higher-end restaurants that served delicious but slightly expensive Sashimi.

Photos by @stanleyokay

Photos by @stanleyokay

While having a comfortable stroll around Kuromon Market, we can also enjoy a good cup of speciality coffee at merely ¥200 ($2.60 SGD) which would make sure we start our day right!



Right after we are done with Kuromon Market, we can head over to one of the tallest places in Osaka, known as Umeda Sky Building to get a comprehensive bird’s eye view of Osaka’s magnificence in absolutely stunning style.


Over here, we can hang out at the observation tower and enjoy the restaurant experience, while seeing the rustic flavours of Osaka slowly fade into the evening – helping us to enjoy the moment as it is, before we head over to the busiest part of Osaka in the evening – Shinseikai followed by Dotonburi & Shinsaibashi.

Photo by @stanleyokay  

Shinseikai when we visit during the nighttime, and during rainy seasons – we can capture the beauty of this place, filled with the cultural vibes that we are all seeking for in Japan.

For friends visiting during summer and spring, it is always good to bring umbrella along when we head out – so as to avoid being drenched with unexpected rainfalls!

Shinsaibashi-suji is also known as one of the core areas of Osaka, whereby large numbers of people would visit this place – be it locals to tourists alike, it has food, drinks & many Japanese brands located right in this place.

Many famous brands such as Onitsuka Tiger can be found right here, along with many famous Japanese skincare & personal care products – that we can now get from Bare Japan – especially for friends that can’t visit now.

Photo by @stanleyokay  

Photo by @stanleyokay  

Last but not least, a stroll by Dotonburi at night after we are done with all our activities is honestly one of the most relaxing experiences we can have in Osaka, apart from all the various Onsen & massage activities in this beautiful city. 

There are also many famous Ramen establishments over here, including 2 Ichirans in this place – one Ichiran outlet with regular selections, and another one with no pork (meant for customers who excludes pork from their regular diet).    

So this would be pretty much how we can spend a good day in Osaka in style, whilst keeping personal comfort and relaxation at the top priority – if you plan to visit Osaka in the future, hopefully, this guide would be helpful to you when it comes to your personal planning.

In the meantime, we can still experience a slice of Japanese life, by trying out some of the products mentioned earlier, and ready ourselves to visit Japan when the time comes!

This article is written by Bare Japan, and we are a Singaporean based online store created to bring authentic Japanese cosmetics to our customers wherever you may be based in.