Aojiru: The Secret to Longevity & Health

According to research and statistics, the average life expectancy of a Japanese person is up to 84 years of age. With the growth of advances in treating disease, along with the public’s rising health awareness, Japan is one of the most rapidly ageing societies in the world. One of the main contributions is largely down to the nation's healthy diet consisting of fish, seafood, and plant-based foods with minimal amounts of animal protein, added sugars, and fat.

So let's get down to the deets about the secret to longevity & health!

What is Aojiru?

Aojiru is a green juice from Japan gaining popularity with juicing fans. Aojiru is a traditional Japanese drink made from kale and barley grass. Dr. Niro Endo created the drink as a response to food rationing during war times. He turned parts of kale and other vegetables into a drink that helped him sustain through difficult times but claimed it also improved his health. While you can juice these ingredients yourself, Japan convenience stores offer aojiru in many forms, including powder and liquid.

 The benefits of Aojiru

Aojiru is rich in vitamins and minerals and has antioxidant properties. It also helps normalize digestion and reduces the severity of allergic reactions. Because it is rich with anti-oxidants, the drink strengthens the immune system, energizes the body and improve skin condition.

A serving of Aojiru contains as much calcium as one bottle of milk, in terms of vitamin C it is equivalent to three tomatoes, and vitamin A to five. Two servings of 180 ml fully satisfy the daily need for vitamins and minerals.


Barley has many beneficial nutrients, is rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds. Due to its high fibre content, barley aids in reducing hunger and improving digestion. It also helps lower cholesterol, protect against diabetes and prevent colon cancer. 

Japanese mountain mustard is known in Japan as a “plant of longevity". There is a belief that if you eat one plant, it will extend your life by 1 day. Japanese mustard is a source of amino acids, potassium, calcium and polyphenol.

Japanese angelica or ashitaba is rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamin B12, which is rare in plants. It is known to slow down the ageing process and supercharge the immune system. High levels of vitamin B12 stimulates the production of Nerve Growth Factor which improves the central nervous system.

Matcha is high in antioxidants and rich in catechins. It helps boost concentration and cognition with L-theanine, an amino acid present in the tea. Matcha also reduces the risk of heart disease and promotes skin health. 


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