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ViCELaBo Nourishing Japanese Sake Lees Facial Mask

$23.90 SGD

A deep-action whitening and moisturizing facial mask based on the traditional component of Japan - sake-kasu , a fermented rice cake leftover from sake production.

Recently, a boom in care with this component has been reviving in Japan, as it perfectly moisturizes the skin, has a whitening effect, makes the texture smoother and nourishes a whole group of vitamins and useful elements: vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid, proteins, fiber and amino acids that maintain the skin's natural protective barrier.

Sake-kasu in combination with rice bran cleans the pores of keratin plugs and keratinized particles well, after applying the mask, the skin begins to breathe.

Enantium tree bark extract inhibits sebum production activity. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cucumber and fruit extract yuzu condition oily skin, give freshness.

The compact soft packaging package allows you to take the mask with you to travel and the gym.

Suitable for oily and combination skin.

Method of application: Apply the mask evenly to cleansed face and hold for 5-10 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

Volume: 170g

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