SOOKI AOJIRU Organic Lactobacillus Vitamin Drink

$32 SGD

A vitamin drink made from barley sprouts from Tim Chamberlain’s private, organic farm in New Zealand. The farm has been farming for over 20 years and has been certified by JAS , the Japanese organic farming regulatory authority , and also has a New Zealand BioGro organic product quality certificate.

Aojiru barley drink is one of the secrets of longevity and good health of the people of Japan. This drink includes minerals and vitamins of various groups, fiber, amino acids and other irreplaceable elements. 

Aojiru is widely used as a dietary supplement in dietetic nutrition, cosmetology and in addition to medical treatment. It has antioxidant properties, normalizes digestion, improves the condition of patients with diabetes, and reduces the severity of allergic reactions.

A serving of aojiru contains as much calcium as one bottle of milk, in terms of vitamin C it is equivalent to three tomatoes, and vitamin A to five. 

The drink is suitable for those who do not consume enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, have frequent gastrointestinal problems, have frequent skin rashes, for those who quickly get tired and complain of a lack of energy, who want to strengthen their immunity. 

Also, the daily serving of the drink (3 g) contains 40 billion lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides , which have a prebiotic effect, bring the intestinal microflora in order.

To taste, aojiru resembles matcha green tea.  

Method of application:  take 3 g per day (1 teaspoon), mixing with water or milk. Aojiru can also be added to desserts, pastries and smoothies.

Volume: 90 gr

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