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REFORMA REVISH AiLA (Leave in treatment for hair) by REVOL

$50 SGD

Revish Aila is a leave-in treatment for hair.

Before drying your hair by dryer, dry your hair by towel. Apply AiLA to the entire hair, focusing on areas where damage is an issue.

AiLA will give a little heavier finish than LUSTER. So a person who has fine hair or less hair should not apply AiLA to the hair too much. No need to rinse off.

*Long hair / over 3cm Medium hair / over 2cm Short hair / over 1cm

This is cream type treatment, so it will match to dry- hair, damaged- hair.

This is an anti-ageing brand that combines the latest technology with ingredients that respond to both external and internal factors to increase the strength of hair, in order to respond to the wishes of women who wish to stay young forever.

Non-additive conditions

• Silicone
• Synthetic colouring
• Mineral oil
• Sulfate (Only ViTA &TiA)
• Petroleum surfactant
• Animal origin raw materials
• UV absorbent
Volume: 120ml

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