• REFORMA Inno Luster (Leave in Hair Treatment)
  • REFORMA Inno Luster (Leave in Hair Treatment)

REFORMA Inno Luster (Leave in Hair Treatment)


Volume: 120ml

Non-rinsed, leave-in hair treatment. 

The patented formula makes fine hair strong and adds volume to hair.
Once it is applied, active ingredients contained in Aila and LUSTER series binds with the protein on the hair surface and acts as a storage protein source that helps to heal the damaged hair.

Protects hair from outside effects.


Before drying your hair by the dryer, dry your hair by towel.
Spray LUSTER to the hair, focusing on areas where damage is n issue.

If you spray too much, that makes your hair harder to dry.
It is good to spray a little away from the hair.

You can spray hair near to the scalp, but you can’t spray on your scalp.

*Long hair / 7~10push Medium hair / 4~7push Short hair / 1~4push

This is an anti-ageing brand that combines the latest technology with ingredients that respond to both external and internal factors to increase the strength of hair, in order to respond to the wishes of women who wish to stay young forever.

VITA Scalp Care Key Ingredients

• Liposomes encapsulating stevia fermentation extract Fermented stevia, which suppresses skin irritation, is contained in capsules that produce hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the scalp Contains extracts. Moisturizes and reduces inflammation.

• Yellowfin bark extract
Extracts extracted from yellow finches, which are trees of the mandarin group. It is expected to have an antibacterial effect (dandruff and odour).

• Pterocarpus maluspium Bark Extract
It prevents the dermis of the scalp from becoming hard and makes it easier for hair to grow. = Anti- glycation of the scalp.

• Rehmannia Chinensis Root Extract
It takes a combined approach to treat thinning hair and regulate the scalp environment by promoting blood flow and anti-testosterone action.

Non-additive conditions

• Silicone
• Synthetic colouring
• Mineral oil
• Sulfate (Only ViTA &TiA)
• Petroleum surfactant
• Animal origin raw materials
• UV absorbent