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REFORMA HIMOU MIST (Hair Tonic for Scalp & Fine Hair) by Bravers

$50 SGD

This is hair tonic for the scalp and fine hair. HIMOU MIST effect for hair growth and promote the hair becoming more strong.

Before drying your hair by a towel, spray HIMOU MIST to your scalp where you really want to get volume or more hair, and also spray to hair where are very fine.

After spray HIMOU MIST, rub into the scalp like massage your scalp.
It is more effective using this when your hair is wet, and also when dry hair using the dryer.

The amino acid “Ergothioneine” make fine and thin hair strong and thick.

Effective for preventing hairloss like *AGA.

*AGA = Androgenetic Alopecia

*5~10push for scalp and hair

This is an anti-ageing brand that combines the latest technology with ingredients that respond to both external and internal factors to increase the strength of hair, in order to respond to the wishes of women who wish to stay young forever.

Non-additive conditions

• Silicone
• Synthetic colouring
• Mineral oil
• Petroleum surfactant
• Animal origin raw materials
• UV absorbent
• Paraben
• Fragrance
• Colorant
• Sulfate

Volume: 195 ml

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