• NOA NOA LUXE Serum (with formula VC7 EVO)

NOA NOA LUXE Serum (with formula VC7 EVO)

  • $80.00 SGD

Volume: 30 ml

Serum contains ascorbyl sodium phosphate - one of the forms of vitamin C, which has a more effective transdermal absorption and, after penetration into the skin layers, is hydrolyzed by the enzyme phosphatase, turning into vitamin C.

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate has an anti-inflammatory effect and fights bacteria that cause acne. Stimulates collagen synthesis, protects against damage caused by excessive UV-irradiation.

Due to the special formula of VC7 EVO with a high content of vitamin C, serum is effective in combating acne and acts as an inhibitor of sebum production.

The antioxidant effect of whey is its ability to prevent oxidative processes. When ultraviolet light affects the substance porphyrin, which is a derivative of acne bacteria, it forms reactive oxygen species, which, in turn, oxidize sebum and cause comedones and, subsequently, affect acne neoplasms. Formula with vitamin C prevents the formation of active oxygen and its consequences.

Reactive oxygen species also activate tyrosinase enzymes in melanocytes, which form pigment spots on the surface of the skin. The serum formula inhibits tyrosinase activation, discolors existing melanin stains.

Founded in 2011, Not Not Luxe is a skin care brand with a concept of carefully selecting products with high evaluation in beauty salons and beauty clinics and making it easy for anyone to use in home care. By adding one item of the noanoa Luxe brand to your usual skin care line, you should realize the difference on your bare skin.