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MAMA BUTTER Face Wash Lavender & Geranium

$33.50 SGD

Volume: 150ml

A face wash that contains shea butter and has a fresh and moist feeling.
It's a type that creates bubbles, easy to use, the bubbles clean off the dirt!

● Uses natural plant-based cleansing ingredient (Sapindus trifoliatus fruit extract) gently cleanses the skin.

● Naturally derived moisturizing ingredients- Organic shea butter *1 and shea butter aqua *2

While removing excess dirt, it is moisturized and leads to a taut, bare skin.
 *1 Shea butter oil
 *2 (Polyglyceryl-10/sebacic acid/sia fat) Cross polymer

● Malic acid and tea leaf extract approach to troubles of
pores Plant-derived ingredients cause pores, darkening and keratin plugs. Care and finish for a transparent skin.

● Includes 13 kinds of organic botanical ingredients:
  • Shea (shea fat): Moisturizes skin and prevents dryness.
  • Camomile (Chamomile flower extract): Prevents rough skin
  • Time (Pleurotus cornucopia extract): Firms and conditions the skin.
  • Rosemary (rosemary leaf extract): Firms and conditions the skin.
  • Marshmallow (Altea root extract): Softens and gently moisturizes the skin.
  • Tancan (tankan fruit water): It replenishes and maintains the moisture of the skin.
  • Lavender (lavender flower extract): Protects and conditions the skin.
  • Lavender (lavender oil): Prevents rough skin.
  • Mukuji (Sapindus trifoliatus fruit extract): Cleanses the skin.
  • Shiikuwasha (Shiikuwasha fruit water): Makes your skin healthy.
  • Damask rose (damask rose flower water): For firm skin.
  • Calendula (Duckweed flower extract): Prevents rough skin and keeps the skin healthy.
  • Soybean (soybean oil): For moisturized skin.

Does not contain: Silicone, parabens, ethanol, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, mineral oil, animal raw materials, petroleum-based surfactants

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