• MAKOTO KAMATA Visage Beauty Care Moisture Cream

MAKOTO KAMATA Visage Beauty Care Moisture Cream

  • $65.00 SGD

Volume: 30 g

The light, refreshing texture of the cream lays on the skin like a moisturizing veil without leaving a sticky feeling. Restores the ideal moisture balance and strengthens the skin's natural barrier function. The carefully selected composition of the cream is as close as possible to the composition of human skin lipids.

The creator of the brand, Makoto Kamata, has been producing cosmetics for over 50 years. His path began with a collaboration with the Shu Uemura brand, and later Makoto Kamata created his own school of the theory of "face analysis", which is based on tens of thousands of clinical data on the properties of skin and facial tissues, the influence of various factors on its condition and ageing processes.  

The knowledge gathered through continuous research served as the basis for the birth of the unique brand Makoto Kamata.

Phytosterols of macadamia and jojoba fatty acids, as well as squalane, restore the hydro-lipid film of the skin, preventing it from losing moisture.

Royal jelly prevents oxidative processes and thinning of the epidermis, strengthens cellular immunity.

Probiotic lactobacilli (Lactobacillaceae) maintain a healthy skin microflora, protect against dermatological diseases associated with a  violation of the epidermal microflora.

Laminaria seaweed extract contains the highest concentration of trace elements necessary for our skin, improves skin tone and eliminates puffiness. 

Yuzu citrus improves skin colour, gently brightens and tones.

French lavender extract soothes the skin, helps fight inflammation and flaking.