MAAs Lip gloss Serum (with volume effect)

  • $50.00 SGD

Brighten your lips with skin care-inspired lip care, this is Japan's only lip mild lip gloss that is both transparent and fresh. Contains the unique ingredient "MAAs (* 2)", which has excellent moisturizing and UV protection functions, and supports the growth of hyaluronic acid. It also contains "anhydrous microsphere hyaluronic acid" that retains moisture and has elasticity, and the rare " Damascus flower oil can only extract 1 gram from 3,000 Bulgarian roses.

The texture like delicate and light skincare cosmetics makes plump and beautiful lips less visible vertical wrinkles or dullness.

MAAs Lip Gloss Serum contains a complex of unique ingredients for caring for delicate skin, as well as giving the effect of voluminous lips.

Serum smoothes and moisturizes the surface of the lips, maintains elasticity, prevents the formation of micro wrinkles and the loss of natural pigment of the lips.

The main active substance - mycosporin-like amino acids (or MAA) - is a substance contained in a certain form of algae, ensuring the survival of their cells in conditions of intense ultraviolet radiation.

This property of MAAs has proven effective for cosmetic use. Experimental data showed that mycosporin-like amino acids protect the epidermis from UV damage, are able to suppress the radical forms of oxygen that are induced by UV radiation, and are also effective in stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin and inhibiting collagen-destroying enzyme - collagenase. 

Unlike many other serums for lip volume, the serum does not contain substances that irritate the skin, such as capsaicin, and also does not contain alcohol, preservatives or mineral oils.

Suitable for application on top of lipstick. Has a transparent almost imperceptible pinkish tint.