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LUXCEAR Visage Beauty Device

$538 SGD

The LUXCEAR Visage is a cutting edge, high-frequency wave beauty facial machine that is not only compact and sleek in design but also boasts commercial level strength.

By pushing electro-wave beauty therapies to its limits, The LUXCEAR has developed the world’s most advanced form of skincare known as 「Deep Poration」which utilizes high frequency waves to deliver beauty ingredients deep into the skin, therefore maximizing all skin care benefits in a minimal amount of time.

The [Deep Poration Beauty method] has been developed to deliver beauty ingredients deep into the innermost layers of the skin.

It comes equipped with a unique VECH (Variable Electro Complex Hertz ) system that allows the device to emit high-frequency waves.

The output of 3 different lengths of high powered frequency waves not only activates the skin cells, it also activates the surrounding facial muscles simultaneously. With the skin cells activated, collagen production is increased 4.5 times and facial muscles are stimulated, allowing for unmistakable rejuvenating face lift, skin elasticity and moisturizing results.

A specially selected ultrafine high frequency wavelength goes beyond the skin’s surface to the deep innermost layers of skin to enhance blood flow around
the face as well as lymphatic circulation resulting in brighter skin and an overall warm, healthy glow.

The dual head feature of the LUXCEAR also allows the user to comfortably and easy reach all corners of their face, even the narrow areas such as around the eyes or between the eyebrows.

A powerful lithium-ion battery is fitted to allow for wireless use making the LUXCEAR the most convenient and effective at the at-home facial device.

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