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$289 SGD

The LIOVERITE set includes:

  • 1x Lioverite Cream 33g
  • 1x Lioverite Lotion 160ml
  • 1x Lioverite Serum 32ml
  • 1x LIoverite Facewash 90g

Line cosmetics LIOVERITE - the result of the development of Japanese and French laboratories.

Especially to restore the natural balance of skin microflora.

LIOVERITE balancing series products restore skin PH balance,

for a long time they retain moisture, soothe the skin, make it soft and velvety.

Among the active substances of the balancing series:

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Obtained by splitting large molecules into nanoparticles using hydrolysis, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deeper layers, moisturizing both the outer and inner layers of the skin.

Stimulates collagen production. Increases skin elasticity.

a-glucan oligosaccharide

The natural ingredient that maintains the balance of microflora of the skin, improves its protective properties, prevents premature aging. Reduces skin sensitivity and soothes it. Normalizes sebum levels and destroys harmful bacteria.


The composition of squalane is most similar to the composition of human skin. Therefore, its molecules are easily incorporated into the lipid layer of the skin and strengthen it, preventing the evaporation of moisture.

Squalane improves skin elasticity, accelerates its regeneration, helps smooth fine wrinkles, stimulates anti-aging processes.

It enhances cellular immunity, stimulates the production of antibodies that fight bacteria, has an antifungal effect.

LIOVERITE / Rio Verite is a brand by skin care specialist manufacturer in Osaka, Japan since 1952. The company develops skin care products specifically for protecting bare skin from inner dryness causing skin problems.

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