Le Schwar (6 pcs) Bath salt with hydrogen and carbonic acids (odorless)

  • $38.90 SGD

The bath salt with hydrogen and carbonic acids has a complex care effect, pleasantly warms and relaxes the body after a busy day, collagen and hyaluron in the composition make the skin soft and moisturized. 

Hydrogen fights against loss of skin elasticity, pigmentation, dehydration, peeling, skin diseases. Its regenerating properties are able to cope with damage from UV rays and prevent photoaging of the skin due to the renewal of epidermal cells.

Carbonic acids improve blood microcirculation, cleanse the epidermis of keratinized particles and sebaceous plugs, lighten the skin.

Without smell. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Method of application: dissolve 1 tablet in 200-300 liters of water.

Volume: 6 bags in one box. Each sachet contains 1 tablet.