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Le Schwar (6 pcs) Bath salt with hydrogen and carbonic acids (odorless)

$31.20 SGD $38.90 SGD

Volume: 6 sachets in one box. Each sachet contains 1 tablet.

Manufacturer: Dr. Choice, Japan

The bath salt with hydrogen and carbonic acids has a complex care effect, it pleasantly warms and relaxes the body after a busy day, boosts your skin health, collagen and hyaluronic acid combination make your skin soft and moisturized. 

Hydrogen prevents loss of skin elasticity, pigmentation, dehydration, peeling, skin diseases. Its regenerating properties help to recover skin from UV damage and prevent aging of the skin.

Carbonic acids improve blood microcirculation, clear out dead skin and prompt cell turnover, clean the pores.

Fragrance-free. Suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use: dissolve 1 tablet in 200-300 liters of water.

INGREDIENTS: Succinic acid, Na sulfate, Na carbonate, Mg sulfate, Na hydrogen carbonate, PEG-150, titanium oxide, Mg, collagen, Na hyaluronate.

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