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HYAKKASO Hyaluronic Acid Serum

$95.50 SGD

What it is:

Hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging serum. Honey-like color from a combination of 10 natural herbal extracts. With a pleasant viscosity texture, that does not leave a tacky sensation. Aloe vera extract helps to regenerate the skin and soothe its redness. 

Suitable for:

Ideal for oily and combination skin.

Highlighted Ingredients:

Mineral water of hot springs has a neutral or alkaline pH and rich mineral content allows antioxidant and anti-aging action. 

Hyaluronic acid of natural origin stimulates the lifting effect, smooths out irregularities, and hydrates the skin.

Natural extracts of wormwood, ginseng, peony, peach seed, and other plants solve the problems of skin rashes, scars, and post-acne pigmentation, providing superior moisturizing, soothing, and antioxidant benefits.

The serum is FREE of oils, preservatives, colourings, or flavourings. 

How to use:

Pour a small amount of serum into the palm of your hand. Gently apply first to the driest spots and then evenly all over the face and neck after lotion. Complete the care with cream.

What it smells like:

Soft peony scent


50 ml


About the brand

Founded more than 20 years ago by Enomoto Kayoko, Hyakkaso's skincare aims to deliver professionally-selected skin solutions for a more beautiful and healthier you. Hyakkaso brand uses traditional recipes and methods of Japanese, Chinese and Korean medicine to create their products. Hyakkaso brand is focused on producing skincare made from natural ingredients. All products are cruelty-free, do not contain artificial preservatives or colouring, and are safe for use for all ages, from kids to seniors.



Hot spring water, BG, Yukinoshita extract, Na hyaluronic acid, Kawara mugwort extract, Aloe vera extract, Prunus extract, Licorice extract, Peonies extract, Ginseng root extract, Sakuhakuhi extract, Ogon root extract, Prunus persica extract

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