• HOMEO BEAU Eye Cream with vitamins E, C, K, A
  • HOMEO BEAU Eye Cream with vitamins E, C, K, A

HOMEO BEAU Eye Cream with vitamins E, C, K, A

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Volume: 15g

The cycle of epidermal cell renewal is the most important factor due to which our skin looks young and supple. For young skin, the renewal cycle is 28 days, and after 40 years - 50-60 days, as a result of which the skin does not have time to recover, turgor worsens, the lipid layer becomes thinner, wrinkles appear. The delicate skin around the eyes is especially vulnerable.

Homeo Beau Eye Cream contains a complex of EGF and FGF growth factors that contribute to the regeneration of epidermal cells. Replenishment of EGF and FGF factors brings age skin closer to an ideal 28-day renewal cycle. 

The FGF contained in sialic acid from the extract of the nasal nest stimulates fibroblast cells to naturally produce collagen and elastin, which also decreases with age.

EGF and FGF are enclosed in nanosomal capsules , which penetrate the epidermal barrier layer and gradually release the EGF and FGF proteins  , continuously replenishing their supply.

Vitamins E, C, K, A eliminate pigmentation and improve blood circulation, preventing swelling.

Moisturizing natural ingredients: shea butter, rosehip oil, avocado oil, retinol, wormwood extract, apricot kernel oil, tea leaf extract, ashitab extract.

It has a light texture ideal for the care of thin skin of the eyelids. 

Method of application: apply pea cream on the skin around the eyes. Soak up the cream with your fingertips using light patting movements. Apply before bedtime.