• Dr. Select Aojiru Yonaguni Drink (supplement drink)
  • Dr. Select Aojiru Yonaguni Drink (supplement drink)
  • Dr. Select Aojiru Yonaguni Drink (supplement drink)

Dr. Select Aojiru Yonaguni Drink (supplement drink)

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Japan is famous for the longevity of its inhabitants throughout the world. One of the secrets of Japanese longevity is a healthy and varied diet, which includes minerals and vitamins of various groups, fibre, amino acids, and other irreplaceable elements.

Aojiru is rich in vitamins and minerals and is widely used as a dietary supplement in dietetic nutrition, cosmetology, and in addition to medical treatment. Juice has antioxidant properties, normalizes digestion, improves the condition of patients with diabetes, and reduces the severity of allergic reactions. The positive effect of aojiru on cellular immunity has been proven. A serving of aojiru contains as much calcium as one bottle of milk, in terms of vitamin C it is equivalent to three tomatoes, and vitamin A to five. Two servings of 180 ml fully satisfy the daily need for vitamins and minerals.

Yonaguni Aojiru is a premium organic aojiru.

In addition to the standard composition of aodziru, it includes young shoots of barley, Japanese mustard, Japanese angelica (ashitaba), Japanese matcha green tea and lactobacillus. Due to its antioxidant properties, the drink strengthens the immune system, and supports the body's youth, improve skin condition and is an additional source of strength and energy.

Enriched with Vitamin B6.

It is recommended for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, vitamin deficiency, problems with the digestive tract, low haemoglobin levels, as well as those who do not have enough vegetables in the diet.

Japanese mountain mustard is known in Japan as a “plant of longevity” and there is a belief that if you eat one plant, it will extend life by 1 day. Japanese mustard is a source of amino acids, potassium, calcium and polyphenol.

Japanese angelica or ashitaba is rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamin B12, which is rare in plant foods.  

Young shoots of barley are a source of chlorophyll, calcium and iron.

Matcha tea is a premium Japanese tea rich in catechins that fight free radicals and stop the body from ageing.

 How to take:

Drink 1 stick daily. The stick content is recommended to be diluted in warm water or milk. Also suitable for adding to sports drinks, desserts and pastries.

Volume: 30 sticks of 2.5 g each

Vitamin composition of one sachet:

fiber (597.5 mg), iron (0.365 mg), calcium (21.225 mg), potassium (37.5 mg), zinc (0.052 mg), vitamin A (13.525 μg), vitamin B6 (2.23 mg), Vitamin E (0.117 mg), choline (1.5 mg), chlorophyll (4.475 mg), lactobacilli (70 million) 


Chomeigusa leaf extract, young barley leaf, ashitaba leaf extract, dextrin, lactose, corn starch, matcha, isomaltooligosaccharide, multiple grain fermented extract, lactic acid bacteria, vitamin B6


Aojiru is a rich source of certain vitamins and minerals, and care should be taken when undergoing certain treatments or if on certain medication. The high levels of potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin A are said to worsen the health of patients on dialysis, while the high levels of vitamin K could decrease the effectiveness of medication taken for circulatory problems.