Dr. Select Yonaguni Aojiru Drink

$60.55 SGD

What it is:

Aojiru is a Japanese vegetable health drink in a powdered formula that makes up for an insufficient intake of vegetables. Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, dietary fiber, chlorophyll, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, and K, this organic drink is an ultimate source of nutrition. Yonaguni Aojiru is a premium organic aojiru made with young barley grass, Japanese angelica (ashitaba), matcha green tea and lactobacillus. 

Suitable for:

It's recommended for those who do not consume enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. 

Highlighted Ingredients:

Aojiru provides a number of health benefits, such as weight loss, aging prevention, improvement of skin condition, detoxification of the body, and enhancement of general well-being and blood sugar control.

Organic young barley treats vitamin B12 deficiency, and protects tissue cells against cancer, radiation, and free radicals.

Lactobacillus promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, improving metabolism.

Japanese angelica (ashitaba) and matcha green tea are strong antioxidants that are able to slow down cell aging. 

How to use:

Recommended consuming 1-2 packs a day. 

Put 1 pack of powder into 100cc of water or milk and mix well (It is not recommended to mix with hot water). You can also add it to yogurt or any other food.


30 sticks of 2.5 g each

About the brand

Dr.Select series are high-quality cosmetics used in beauty salons. Dr.Select series are characterized by their commitment to quality, as they handle everything from research and development to manufacturing in-house.

The Japanese manufacturer of premium medical cosmetics Dr. Select has been developing and marketing special hair products based on the porcine placenta for more than ten years.

The company pays maximum attention to the safety of its products without any compromise. In addition to production, the company also has a network of clinics that use exclusively their own branded products. Products Dr. Select has received numerous awards in the field of cosmetology.

Dr. Select - innovative Japanese technologies:

The complex action of active ingredients provides unsurpassed anti-aging care for the hair structure and scalp, promotes the growth of new healthy hair and prevents hair loss, prevents the development of gray hair, retains moisture, improves microcirculation and microflora of the scalp, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.



Peucedanum japonicum leaf extract, Young barley leaf, Ashitaba leaf extract, Dextrin, Lactose, Corn starch, Matcha, Isomaltooligosaccharide, Multiple grain fermented extract, Lactic acid bacteria, Vitamin B6.

Nutrition value per one sachet:

Fiber (597.5 mg), Iron (0.365 mg), Calcium (21.225 mg), Potassium (37.5 mg), Zinc (0.052 mg), Vitamin A (13.525 μg), Vitamin B6 (2.23 mg), Vitamin E (0.117 mg), Choline (1.5 mg), Chlorophyll (4.475 mg), Lactobacilli (70 million).

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