Dr. SELECT Carboxytherapy Course CO2 Gel Pack

  • $250.00 SGD

Volume: 20 sachets (for 20 uses). The kit also includes a mixing bowl and spatula

Mask CO2 Gel Pack Dr. Select with carbon dioxide is a quick and accurate solution for skin problems such as dryness, pigmentation and dull complexion. The mask became famous thanks to its use in Japanese beauty salons. Now you can carry out salon procedures without leaving your home!

The mask consists of two phases, which are mixed together and applied in a thick layer on the skin.

The carbon dioxide bubbles formed as a result of a chemical reaction on the skin surface act as micro-massage, improving blood circulation and lymph flow, revitalizing and smoothing the skin, providing access to the deep layers of the epidermis for the penetration of natural extracts. 

The placenta extract is a rich source of vitamins (A, D, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, PP, H), amino acids and peptides. It improves blood circulation in the skin, promotes the regenerative processes of epidermal cells, and has a lifting effect.

Peony extract, part of the special Evercel White complex developed by Dr Select, suppresses excessive production of melanin and fights pigmentation. 

Hyaluronic acid and collagen moisturize, make the skin supple.

After the first application, the skin becomes smooth, even and light. The mask has no exfoliating effect. 

Suitable for people with problem skin.

How to use: squeeze the contents of two sachets into the container. Mix the gel with a spatula for 1 minute, until a plentiful foam forms. Apply the resulting foam in a thick layer on the face, avoiding the area of ​​the eyes and mouth. Wait about 15 minutes, the gel should gradually form a film on the face. Before forming a film, try not to touch the mask with your hands. When the mask hardens, carefully remove it.