DIREIA Eyelash The Stem Serum (for eyelash growth & strengthening)

  • $115.00 SGD

Volume: 30 ml

Manufacturer: Direia, Japan

Eyelash The Stem Serum is designed for daily care for growth and strengthening of your eyelashes.

The serum is proven to be effective for people with thin and weak eyelashes. It also helps restore the growth of your eyelashes after daily makeup and extension procedures.

The main feature of serum from DIREA in its unique composition, which includes stem cells that stimulates cell regeneration and activates hair follicles. The serum also helps prevent further eyelash loss.

The product is hypoallergenic, does not contain parabens, artificial flavors, dyes, synthetic and mineral oils, silicones, ethanol and chemical UV filters.

DIREIA is a professional brand of Japanese cosmetics, using the latest technologies in the beauty industry. The brand uses patented unique innovative 3D nanotechnology technology for ultra-deep penetration of nutrients into the layers of the epidermis.