• CORECO Contrix Hypoallergenic Anti-Aging Kit

CORECO Contrix Hypoallergenic Anti-Aging Kit

  • $560.00 SGD
  • $610.00 SGD
The kit includes:
  1. CORECO Contrix Essence Lotion with placenta extract and peptides (120ml)
  2. CORECO Contrix Moisture Milk with α-arbutin and placenta (102ml)
  3. CORECO Contrix Vi-veil cream with Botox effect (28g)
  4. CORECO Contrix Facial Foam with white clay and placenta extract (90g)

All products of the CORECO series are hypoallergenic and are suitable for sensitive skin care.

The technology with the use of nanocapsules has increased the permeability of nutrients into the deep layers of the epidermis.

CORECO cosmetics protects the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) - a protective layer of our epidermis that is responsible for moisturizing the stratum corneum and activates hydrolytic enzymes - substances responsible for splitting large molecules into smaller ones necessary for natural exfoliation of dead skin.

The main active substance of the series - the placenta - is rich in a number of nutrients and biologically active substances: proteins, fats, nucleic acids and polysaccharides. Affects the flow of important metabolic processes in cells, stimulating the rapid renewal of damaged cells, and also contributes to the development of collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid by the body.

The combination of L-argenine and L-lysine peptides protects the structural proteins from saccharification, which leads to collagen breakdown and skin aging. The combination of peptides destroys and removes the end products of glycation from the body.

Coreco is the first cosmetics company to launch production of a concentrated solution of placenta and umbilical cord extract. Raw materials for whey are selected and processed under careful quality control.